Cruiser Partners with ACS in cutting-edge Innovation Hub

Cruiser Interactive was approached to provide cutting-edge interactive displays for the Australian Computer Society’s new Innovation Hub in Barangaroo, Sydney, and Docklands Melbourne.

As the professional association and peak body representing Australia’s ICT sector, ACS wanted to create a high-tech collaboration space for its staff and members, providing easy to use meeting spaces as well as interactive displays for events and industry evenings held throughout the year.

Cruiser Media Canvas in action in the ACS Innovation Hub, Barangaroo.

Cruiser Media Canvas in action in the ACS Innovation Hub, Barangaroo.

On arrival, ACS wanted visitors to be captivated by a huge interactive video wall, showcasing information about the ACS and its latest news and events. A 5x1.4 metre Planar multi-touch video wall enables the ACS marketing team to highlight their latest campaigns, with visitors able to interact with and explore the information far beyond a conventional signage display. At the touch of a button, the wall can be switched to Collaborate mode, enabling staff and visitors to share digital content from their devices, brainstorming, researching and writing notes across a massive visual canvas.

Multi-touch collaboration tables around the office augment this experience, enabling break-out zones for people to collaborate together around a large multi-touch screen. The touch tables also provide an arcade gaming mode that highlights the history of computer gaming, with staff and visitors competing on PacMan and Sega Arcade Classics leaderboards.

“The opening of this innovation hub is an important milestone in our strategy towards realising our vision: for Australia to be a world leader in technology talent that fosters innovation and creates new form of value,” said ACS President Yohan Ramasundara at the launch of the Barangaroo facility.

The Innovation Hub is now open to all ACS members in Barangaroo, Sydney, and Docklands, Melbourne.