Dawn of the 21st century meeting

Revolutionary software that has turned walls, tables, whiteboards and smart devices into touchscreen networks could see company boardrooms resembling something closer to science fiction.  

Cruiser technology, developed by Smart Services CRC, is the meeting room of the future and is rapidly evolving the way global iconic brands do business.  

Global powerhouse Mondelez International, whose portfolio includes mega-brands such as Cadbury, Kraft, Vegemite and Oreo is one of the first to adopt the technology in the pursuit of innovation. 

Mr Nicolas Georges, Director Premium Chocolate and Dairy, Research and Development, Asia Pacific Mondelez Australia said the technology had enabled his teams to realise true engagement.  

“In the past our meeting rooms would be covered with paper. Cruiser allows the group to engage with content in a richer, more organised and productive way,” he said. 

Mr Georges said the technology also allowed Mondelez to rethink the way they engage with consumers and collect valuable feedback.

“We can now bring consumers into the Cruiser facility to provide crucial product feedback. All they need to do to interact with the information is use their hands.” 

Cruiser allows users to flick information from any surface (personal smart devices, tablets, tables, walls and whiteboards) to any other surface located anywhere in the world for dynamic group discussion. Participants can annotate images and video; resize, manipulate and copy media files; contribute additional content; and share and work on information with multiple peers and colleagues anywhere in the world. 

Dr Anthony Collins, CEO of Cruiser Interactive said the technology was a powerful platform for group collaboration in any domain where visual planning and group collaboration is required, such as the advertising, marketing, property development, architecture, design, government, town planning, defence, and emergency response and education sectors. 

Professor Shankar Sankaran from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) said Cruiser was a sophisticated platform for studying groups and teams in practice. 

“Cruiser technology will enable us to effectively study teams and groups when they are engaged in activities. In our research, Cruiser will replace lots of paper and a multitude of devices,” he said. 

The technology will appear in one of its first public demonstrations at technology forum - Integrate 2014, 26-28 August Sydney Olympic Park, Stand G42.