Explore enables you to create high-impact, memorable experiences for your clients.

Immerse clients with innovative interactive displays that integrate seamlessly with your sales conversation. 


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Project Marketing

Showcase floor plans, renders, virtual tours and more from large interactive screens. Have a conversation with clients and enable them to annotate and interact with the content, assembled into a personalised brochure and emailed off to them.

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Real esTate AGENCIES

Showcase interactive site maps, floor plans, marketing plans, lifestyle display, highlight past marketing campaigns and amenities. Have these features fully integrated with your CRM with the ability to email or print a personalised portfolio.


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Bring your products to life on large interactive displays. Enhance customer service and buyer experience, and understand consumer behaviour in the display suite. Increase sales and deliver a faster return on investment.




Bring your product and marketing collateral to life through an intuitive touch interface. Multimedia including interactive content, video, VR, brochures and high resolution images will turn your display suite into a digitally-driven, interactive retail experience.

Flick content to surrounding screens in the same room (e.g video walls and projectors) to create a truly immersive experience. You can even flick content to a VR headset to display virtual product tours.

Organise your content however you like - multi-level tabbed navigation, manually positioned elements, full screen web content, carousels and photo galleries. Start from a template or get us to design the solution for you.

What does an Explore user interface look like? Whatever you like...


Favourite any items on the screen that the customer is interested in, adding to a personalised portfolio of content for sharing at the end of the discussion.

Annotate and mark-up documents on the screen, capturing notes and additional details relevant to the discussion.

Share and Connect

Email the customer's collection of 'favourites' straight to their device, with a personalised email message and your signature with contact details in the footer.

Print brochures with personalised annotations on-demand. Avoid printing in bulk and only print when needed for clients who need it.

Automatically feed sent emails (with customer details) direct into your CRM for later follow-up and relationship nurturing.


Technical Requirements

Explore supports all Windows-based touch screen devices and requires a Windows 7 or higher operating system. A discrete graphics card is highly recommended for the best user experience. Please contact us for specific advice about your hardware configuration.


Did you know...


The average customer's attention span is 8 seconds.
Source: National Center of Biotechnology Information

Customers are up to 85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching video content.
Source: Custom Show Research

65% more people remember a piece of information if it is paired with an image.
Source: Nielsen Norman Research

67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important.
Source: MDG Advertising

Flight Centre VR

Let us show you how easy Explore is to implement and integrate to your customer journey.

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Allam Homes

"Explore has revolutionised the way we present to our clients. The technology really sparks engagement with visitors and has provided a conversation starter. We can immerse our clients in the content and assemble it into a digital portfolio for them to take home." - Melissa Madden, Marketing Manager


Flight Centre

"Explore has enabled us to create a new experience in the store, where visitors can interact with maps and be immersed in a travel destination by wearing a VR headset. It creates a memorable experience that gets visitors excited about travelling." - Kimberley Saddington, Marketing Manager

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