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Cruiser Collaborate enables you to work together, collaboratively, around large interactive screens. Information can be displayed from a variety of sources, enabling collaborators to work together around a shared canvas to design, review, brainstorm and create content in meetings and presentations. Sharing content to other large displays and touch devices is as simple as flicking it off the edge of the screen. Teams can be working across multiple touch screens, each with their own canvas, and content can be brought back together to be saved and shared at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Cruiser Collaborate enables users to make better and faster decisions by having the right information at hand, without the interruptions of users needing to context-switch between devices and displays.

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MeetingS & Presentation

Non-interactive meeting spaces are a thing of the past. Now, collaborators can work together around interconnected displays, reviewing content without needing to fumble between multiple personal devices. Spend time discussing and capturing the details that matter.

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emergency Management

When every second counts, Cruiser Collaborate enables fast access to live information for review around a shared display, in front of the whole team. A common operating picture enables collaborators to quickly make decisions and share the results to people in the field. 

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Group Learning

Group learning activities often require independent work that is brought together to discuss and expand upon. A shared canvas enables all the details to be reviewed and finalised, enhancing learning objectives by having the technology support problem solving and team work.



Bring all your information into a shared workspace (e.g live video feeds, the web, documents from shared network drives, USB, mobile devices).

Work collaboratively on documents and web pages across multiple devices. Supported document types include PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, all popular image and video types.

Brainstorm and whiteboard to capture new ideas and insights.


Flick content to surrounding screens in the same room (e.g video walls and projectors) and remote locations (presentation screens or touch screens).

Instantaneously engage remote collaborators by flicking content to remote touch screens and devices.

Install Cruiser Viewer on as many screens as you wish to receive and display content flicked over the local network.

Capture and Share

Capture decisions with note-taking and brainstorming tools.

Save the session and workspace, for future continuation or auditing.

Share results of the collaboration session by email, print or web.


Technical Requirements

Cruiser Collaborate supports all Windows-based touch screen devices and requires a Windows 7 or higher operating system. A discrete graphics card is highly recommended for the best user experience. Please contact us for specific advice about your hardware configuration.


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QG Air

“The combination of Cruiser Collaborate and video conferencing allows us to talk to the remote crews while giving detailed information on the brief, annotating on maps and other important pieces of information. It provides a more focused brief, in the fastest possible time.” - Peter Heath, Director of Network Management and Aviation Tasking.

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"Cruiser Collaborate is providing people with the ability to interact in a way they haven’t experienced before. It really starts to change the way that people do presentations and pitch new ideas; it’s not very formal anymore, and you can have a conversation with people around the table. When we lay out a number of concepts for a client, we can watch them physically move around the room to the ideas that they like the most. " - Justin Baird, Partner.



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