Cruiser Explore

Present content like never before


Impress your clients in new ways. Combining the power of the Cruiser platform with the flexibility to control how your content is displayed, Cruiser Explore enables you to simply build impressive applications for a variety of purposes.

Spark a meaningful conversation to improve sales conversion rates.

Bring your product and marketing collateral to life.

Have visitors explore through the content (kiosk) or give a collaborative presentation, immersing them in a memorable experience.


  • Create a visually engaging information kiosk
  • Display a pre-set collection of documents, images, multimedia content and web- pages, arranged into a series of tabs that users can navigate through
  • Tailored functionality by Cruiser Interactive for more sophisticated information kiosks (eg: interactive maps and timelines)

"Cruiser Explore has revolutionised the way we present to our clients. The technology really sparks engagement with visitors and has provided a conversation starter. We can immerse our clients in the content and assemble it into a digital portfolio for them to take home."
- Melissa Madden, Marketing Manager, Allam Homes