Emergency & Crisis Management

Cruiser revolutionises information sharing in emergency response


Australian emergency response and crisis management control rooms are modernising their technology infrastructure and using Cruiser Interactive solutions to save time and lives.

Every second counts in an emergency situation. The Cruiser collaboration technology enables stakeholders in the operations room to quickly access information on the same screen, or neighbouring surfaces, to provide feedback for multi-agency decision making.  

With Cruiser, information is at your fingertips. Cruiser Collaborate enables access to information from a variety of sources, in a dynamic and engaging environment. Content can be shared by simply flicking off the edge of the screen - to a different device, across the room or anywhere in the world.

Functionality for meeting/operations room collaboration can be tailored to your needs.


  • Fast sharing of content between video walls, mobile devices, desktop PCs
  • Use with video conferencing to provide an intuitive document sharing mechanism
  • Increased effectiveness of decision making and data interpretation by groups


  • Bring people together around a shared, collaborative workspace
  • Coordinate information exchanges between remote locations, people in the field
  • Annotate/brainstorm and communicate decisions with a flick

"The combination of Cruiser Collaborate and video conferencing allows us to talk to the remote crews and while giving detailed information on the brief, annotating on maps and other important pieces of information.  It provides a more focused brief, in the fastest possible time."
- Peter Heath, Director of Network Management and Aviation Tasking, Queensland Government Air

Cruiser Collaborate drives faster, more effective analysis, communications and collaborations within and between agencies.