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Flipping the classroom with Cruiser 

Team activities and peer to peer learning is increasingly recognised in education as a valuable teaching mode. The flipped classroom movement is dramatically changing the face of education by taking advantage of the web to deliver information to students online, freeing up the classroom for interactive activities to build higher level skills in the critiquing, creation and application of knowledge.
Cruiser Interactive is the ideal technology partner to the modern flipped classroom. The seamless and intuitive cross platform sharing and annotation of content allows students and educators to bring ideas together, discuss ideas and create new concepts.
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Results of collaborations can be quickly saved and distributed to participants on their mobile devices for later access, while ideas developed out of class can be quickly added to the mix for future discussion, or worked on immediately with remote web based collaboration.
Group assignments require students to work together in producing a coherent common outcome. Cruiser Interactive helps students to brainstorm their approach and distribute workloads while maintaining high levels of awareness as to the progress and emergent ideas from other members of the team. Information and content is instantly available to all members of the team, who have a chance to comment and provide feedback and assistance to maintain the group momentum. Teaching and facilitation staff can quickly pick up on ideas developed by students during group work and bring them to attention of the rest of the class to enhance the learning experience.
With Cruiser Interactive the flipped classroom becomes a key resource for enabling group work. Large multi-user touch tables and interactive white boards form the heart of the collaborative experience where students gather around and collaborate with their creative content. Content is seamlessly shared between the students’ mobile devices, tablets and computers so that the collaborative experience draws in content and radiates it back out to the students’ technology platform of choice.
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